About Us

Welcome novice sailors, ocean navigators, experienced offshore mariners, and barnacle encrusted old-salts....

We are THE SEAFARER GROUP, active leaders in all aspects of marine education, since 1970, which easily exceeds the corresponding American Sailing Association & US Sailing Association educational standards and the corresponding ocean sailing agenda—all at significantly lower costs--and with extra emphasis on individual learning and offshore sailing safety.

Moreover, we are the very first sailing (local & blue water), seamanship and navigation school established in the entire Rocky Mountains West to offer diverse learning opportunities: university level courses Nautical Astronomy, Celestial Navigation & Sextant Practice, etc., for example...), other credit & non-credit adult education courses, practically oriented entry level courses for sailors & navigators as well as seminars for experienced blue water sailors who seek to either refresh or upgrade their seamanship & navigation skills while sailing astride the US and Mexican East & West Coasts and throughout the Caribbean.

To prepare participating shipmates for the demanding discipline of ocean sailing aboard large sailboats, we start with locally conducted basic navigation courses, which are applicable to both seamanship and airmanship, and “hands-on”small boat (24/26ft) sailing. In support of our diverse programs, and as a public service to fellow sailors and pilots, we provide navigational instruments and all sea & air navigational charts and publications.

Additionally, our services include: worldwide boat charters, cruise planning/boat buying assistance, marine surveys, power/sailboat deliveries, sailboat partnership programs, and marine engineering/consulting.

To support these programs, we have three divisions:

  • Seafarer Sailing And Seamanship School,
  • American Institute Of Navigation, and
  • Marine Sales, Consulting & Related Services.

And, in concluding this brief summary about our marine endeavors, our Founder and Director is Dr. Bill Plywaski, PhD, scientist, educator, blue water sailor & Master Navigator with over thirty years' experience sailing, navigating, and flying—all over the world.